Meet the SockKids

Meet the Socker family:
BLEACH, the grandfather is a faded argyle sock who loves the warmth of the dryer. Wise with sayings, he’s constantly complaining how cold he is and telling stories of his wonderful childhood days.

COLORS, the grandmother, is a wide, wrinkly slouch sock. She loves to hug her grandkids and changes colors depending upon the mood of the human foot she’s on. She loves to sing and dance and often bothers Bleach to go dancing

RAINBOW, the SockKids’ mom, is a rainbow-colored toe sock.  She keeps life in the sock drawer organized.

PARCH, the SockKids’ father, is a gold-toe sock who loves nothing more than relaxing in the dryer after a hard day at work. He’ll do anything to find rest and heat so he tries to hide in the corners of the dryer.

STRETCH is the oldest SockKid, A tube sock, he’s tall and athletic.  He spends a lot of time out of the drawer and playing games on the humans’ feet.

SUDSY, well, Sudsy likes to get into a little mischief now and then. Sometimes he slides down on human ankles or picks up bugs and puts them on human legs or rubs against the carpet and shocks people. He loves to collect fuzzies and make them into hats to wear. His favorite trick is still making people’s feet itch.

WOOLY is a dress sock. He’s kind of shy, a bit of a bookworm, and is sometimes afraid of new experiences.

RINSE loves water, any kind of water. In fact, she loves Wash Day so much, she wears her swimming goggles all the time, just in case there’s a chance she can go for a swim in the washing machine.

SUNNI is the baby of the family. A little yellow bobby sock with brown freckles, Rainbow and the rest of the family sometimes coddle her because she’s so small. But watch out, when push comes to shove, Sunni can stand up for herself.

STITCHES was just adopted by the Socker family. Always on the run looking for new experiences, Rainbow and Static are always watching him so he doesn’t get into trouble.



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