The SockKids – Solving the Mystery of Your Missing Socks!

Where do your missing socks go?

Readers find out in our children’s series, The SockKids. We follow the Socker family through many adventures, from encountering the slobbery mouth of the family dog to meeting Santa as he comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve to helping a fireman save a baby to the most shy Socker going to the school dance for the first time.

Thanks to the time-travel opportunities afforded by the spin cycle of the washer, they even warm the feet of Abraham Lincoln as he gives the Gettysburg Address and George Washington as he crosses the Delaware.

Children and their parents will be drawn to the diversity of the family and the universal and timeless lessons they teach: don’t be afraid of new experiences;  treat others as you would like to be treated, and of course, beware of the spin cycle!

The SockKids – Helping Humans Cope in a Smelly World!

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50 responses to “The SockKids – Solving the Mystery of Your Missing Socks!

  1. I think your products, and this entire idea is awesome! As a mom, grandma, and home childcare provider….I can see all of the kids loving this!

  2. Thanks, Cindi for your kind words. Love your website 🙂 Sent you an email.

  3. I love this! I know my kiddos will also!

  4. Thanks, Melissa! We appreciate the sweet words 🙂

  5. I LOVE THIS! I think it will get my son’s imagination going…..too funny! Now we learn just where those socks go….

  6. I love the messages in the stories and how it teaches kids history as well.

  7. I always wanted to know where they went. Kids eats this stuff up but they will learn a thing or 2 reading these books

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  8. Heather Poindexter

    I always wanted to know where they went!

  9. I love this! Sounds like most children would. My daughter in law teaches elem kids and im sure she would love them!

  10. Thanks so much for this, now we all learned something. Love this.

  11. I love the concept of this story, cute idea!

  12. Tammy, thanks so much for the review! We’re so happy you enjoyed it!

  13. Great ideas – I think kids would love this – thanks!! Keep this in mind at Christmas time.

  14. i love your boots!! they’re soo cute!! i’m gonna share them with some friends!

  15. Great idea! I see my little boy totally loving this stuff!

  16. My kids would love this especially my daughter

  17. Sounds great would love to share this with my children

  18. I think your books are fantastic! My kids think its great to know what happens to lost socks and so do i 😀

  19. like the ideas they have like children and their parents will be drawn to the diversity of the family and the universal and timeless lessons they teach

  20. Cj would like to be a sockkid too!

  21. It was great meeting you at BloggyCon! I love the concept of time traveling socks and can’t wait to read and review your book!

  22. My son and daughter would love to be a sockkid!

  23. I love the Sockkids and the Socker family having adventures and opening the chance to have a conversation about history or real life with our kids. Cute idea and I think families will benefit from this series.

  24. I thought about making up stories about missing socks once. You do a much better job than I would have.

  25. Just discovered these — I love how cute they are!

  26. Thanks, Miz! We hope you enjoy the series 🙂

  27. really cute, i love that i found this!

  28. Thanks so much, Susan! We’re glad you found our website. We hope you enjoy the series 🙂

  29. I think that your books are so great! (:

  30. I love that you write about missing socks. All of my life I have wondered where all the missing socks go and it is so sweet to think that they are not missing but on adventures. I admit that I would enjoy the books as much as my children will!

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