The SockKids Meet Lincoln Discussion Questions

When you think about discussing a book, the first thing that comes to mind may not discussing a children’s book with your child. But little kids can and do find their own meaning and relevancy in what they read.

In The SockKids Meet Lincoln, Stretch, the oldest child in the Socker family, time travels through the spin cycle and onto the foot of Abraham Lincoln during the delivery of the Gettysburg Address. The 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address is November 19, 2013. We’ve come up with a list of discussion questions for The SockKids Meet Lincoln. Not all of the questions will be appropriate/helpful for all ages of children. The first questions are best for younger kids, the later questions for older kids.  Let these questions be a springboard to talking about other books or learning more about Lincoln, Gettysburg, and the Civil War.

1.) What was your favorite part of the book?

2) If Stretch lived next door to you, do you think you and he would be friends?

3) If you were Stretch, would you have done anything differently?

4) If Meade time traveled to our time, what do you think he and Stretch might do?

5) What do you think happens after the story? Do you think Stretch will ever try to go back and find Meade again?

6) Stretch, the tube sock, is white. He ends up on President Lincoln’s foot next to a black sock. The socks look different and come from different times, so you might think they wouldn’t like each other, but they quickly become friends. Has there ever been a time when you became friends with someone who was very different from  you?



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