Little Kids Are Weird and We Like Them That Way

Art Linkletter made a career pointing out that kids say the darnedest things. And they do. There’s something about that semi-conscious/semi-dream state known as childhood that makes it a filterless existence. Kids may use the words “Please” and “Thank you” but that’s often the limit of their social mastery. Everything else is pure, unfiltered, unedited opinion and immediate action for instant gratification. Little kids are like the raw materials for human beings. You want to see what happens? Try it.

When my daughter was a toddler, she’d do things like…

Chew on sticks photo anarchyinthewoods.jpg

Tape up the butt of a toy sheep

And put stickers all over my rear end while I was doing the dishes. photo stickerbutt.jpg

As she’s gotten older, the goofiness has become more verbal in nature (although the fascination with rear ends, tape and stickers has continued. It appears the stick chewing was an outlier.). I was in the kitchen the other day and she walked in and asked, “Can I use a pair of my underwear for an art project?”

What can you say to such a request except: “Sure. Just make sure they’re clean.”

“Duh…” she said as she went back to her room.

I love seeing what she thinks of next.


One response to “Little Kids Are Weird and We Like Them That Way

  1. Another favorite post, also shared on Pinterest Favorite Children’s Books Board 🙂

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