Sudsy Interviews An Angel

Pippy’s Wish, written by Maddie Ryan, has become one of the most popular children’s book. Michael John Sullivan has written a review at if you wish to explore the angel world some more. has some questions for Pippy.


Sudsy, one of the SockKids, recently interviewed Pippy about her adventures.

Sudsy:  Are you really an angel? I’ve never met one before.

Pippy:   Well, right now, I’m an Angel-in-Training because I’m in Junior High, but once I get to High School I’ll be a full fledged Angel and hang out with all the cool flyers.

And you sure have met one or two, maybe even three or four before, only you were probably too busy to notice. You see…I have to stop and concentrate for a minute so I can remember everything I was taught when talking to humans. Wait, you’re not human, you’re a sock, but you talk, so that’s okay, it can apply to talking socks. At least I’m pretty sure it does. I talk to animals and fairies so I’m thinking socks….by the way you have a funny name.

Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, sometimes I have trouble staying on one topic and I also sometimes have trouble remembering what Lucy…I mean Counselor Lucinda teaches us in class.

Okay, so you want to know if I’m a real Angel? Right? Right.

See, Angels are pure love…not like, I love cupcakes love, or in your case, I love soap-candy love, but love, like in your heart and in your soul. Angels have lots of energy…especially me, at least that’s what I’m told.

I…I mean some Angles can be a bit mischievous, and sometimes, because I…I mean they want to fix things or make things better, but sometimes not everything goes off as planned. Not that this happens to me a lot…actually, I best be in honest…because Angels are pure and honest….yes, it has happened to me.

But please understand I…I mean we don’t mess things up to hurt or cause harm, it’s because I…I mean we are still learning. We are always learning every day and even if we throw a curve ball…by the way, I can play baseball and hockey too…okay, back to what I was saying…even if we throw someone a curve in their life this helps humans deal with all sorts of things in life, and accept things and nudge them to work harder and so they be light…you know, shiny and smiley and loving.

And am I talking too much? Sometimes I tend to go off in all different directions, you can just tell me when I’m doing that or better yet, you better ask another question before something else pops in my head and I go in a different direction.

Sudsy: Can you fly? If so, where do you fly to? Can you fly anywhere?

Pippy: Yes and no and maybe. You see, I sort of can fly with my supersonic skateboard that I invented, but sometimes it doesn’t work as well as it should, and we’re not really supposed to take the skateboard to flying class. I’m learning and hope to earn my teen-Angel wings at graduation real soon and when I do….woo wee…yahoo! Yes, I will be able to fly anywhere.

Sudsy: How old are you? When’s your stitchday? Um, birthday.

Pippy: In human years, I am 12 years old. We’re not stitched, silly-socky, we are created out of energy, light, love and lots of guidance from the other angels that have been hanging around for lots of years. We don’t celebrate birthdays, but we sure love angel food cake, and we celebrate all the children’s birthday’s everyday with lots of smiles and jumping inside their dreams so they can have peaceful sleeps.

Sudsy: Do you have a mom and dad? What are their names?

Pippy: We  have counselors, and teachers and Angels are all friends in a special way that makes us one big family.

Sudsy: Do you have a human to take care of like us? We get to warm smelly feet. What about you?

Pippy:  Once an Angel graduates to High School then that Angel not only can fly and I mean, super-cool flying, we have to wait to learn more lessons to be assigned a charge to take care. As for me, well, you’ll have to read my story in Pippy’s Wish to find out if I ever make it that far.

Don’t worry, Sudsy, I promise, when ever I graduate and get a few charges to take care of, I’ll make sure they wash with pretty smelling soap so their toes will smell heavenly….get it? Heavenly? Then you can warm lilac or peach smelling feet instead of smelly ones.Sudsy: I like to put bugs on humans’ legs. What do you do for fun?

Pippy: I have so many things I do for fun, that sometimes turn into me doing extra chores, because they weren’t so fun for the misadventures I get into, and you’ll have to read Pippy’s Wish to find out what happens.

Sudsy: We get to spin around in a big washer. Do you swim?

Pippy: Never been in the water yet, I’m still trying to keep my head above the clouds without falling off my skateboard. I’m late for flying class a lot, which is why I haven’t mastered it yet. But maybe someday I’ll fly by a mermaid and she can show me how to catch a big wave and go surfacing and deep sea diving to visit her home and see all the ocean beauty way below…actually, maybe I should just stick to learning how to swim first.

Sudsy: What makes an angel special?

Pippy: Wow, Sudsy, you ask hard questions. Let me think. Well, there’s cake and pasta and songs named after us, so I think there is just so many special things about us, we are funny, cute at least I think so, we accept everyone because in our eyes everyone has something good and beautiful about them, and we try real hard to make people’s frowns turn upside down and give them hope when it looks like things are not that hopeful. We do lots of good stuff.Sudsy: Can you have playtime with me? Take me flying?

Pippy: When I’m not in class, that would a lot of fun. I can introduce you to my good friend Noah St. John. He’s so much fun and can help us both with our flying lessons. Then we can play at your place, where you can show me how to spin.

Thank you for visiting with me, Sudsy, you’re cool for a talking sock.


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